The Penny Jam Live!

The Ascetic Junkies
It wasn’t long after moving to Portland from Boston that Matt and Kali formed a 5-peice band to recorded out some of the catchiest indie-folk to come out of Portland in 2008. The Willamette Week’s Robert Ham praises: “the band's debut album One Shoe Over the Cuckoo's Nest has quickly marked it as one of the best young groups in Portland.” [Listen on Myspace]

Grey Anne
While Grey Anne released the home-recorded single, "Adelaide" on the PDX Pop Now! Compilation CD in 2004 under her then moniker “Per Se” it took until 2008 for her to release a full length album. Facts and Figurines was well worth the wait - and the hype. It was listed as “most anticipated of '08" in Portland's Willamette Week and Mercury. [Listen on Myspace]

Derrek Wayne
When Derrek set out to record his first album Things that Summer Brings on a 4 track tape machine in 2007 he did so with the tenacity to record every track, instrumantal and vocal, himself. On his second and upcoming release In the Yard he’s relaxed his process and teamed with Portland’s Alan Singley to compose a series of songs that give a nod toward their mutual obsession with 1960s orchestral pop. [Listen on Myspace]

Show information:
Mt. Tabor Legacy is located at
SE 48th and Hawthorne
$5 / Show at 9pm.

A staple of the Northwest hip hop scene and member of the Oldominion collective, Sleep will be performing with dancehall reggae artist Zelly Rock. The pair released an album together in 2007 called Combination Loaded that the WW says “exudes fun.” [Listen on Myspace]

World’s Greatest Ghosts
Since they formed, the analog synth influenced rock band has been a local favorite in house shows and venues alike. They recently signed with Portland label Lucky Madison and are set to record their debut album in 2009. [Listen on Myspace]

Dirty Mittens
You could hardly find a more fun-loving band in town, short shorts, dance parties and great music included. The “Motown-tinged Indie-pop” outfit released a gem of a debut album, Pinky Swear, in 2008. [Listen on Myspace]

Ryan Dolliver
While seemingly quiet upon first glance Dolliver is a different animal on stage, belting out some of the most soulful indie rock in town. His R&B influenced music is effortlessly upbeat and enjoyable. [Listen on Myspace]

Show information:
Holocene is located at
SE 11th and Morrison
$5 / Show at 9pm.
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