About the podcast

The Penny Jam is an episodic video podcast filmed in Portland Oregon. We film bands playing in unconventional performance spaces, usually during the day, usually on Sunday because that’s the day all of us have off. We’ll try and steer your right as we venture deeper into the neighborhoods of Portland.

Feel free to spread the word about the project and embed the videos wherever you’d like. If you’re in a band or have an awesome location we can film in, in drop us a line on the contact page.

About the Crew

When we started the podcast in March 2008 it was just a few friends getting together to make a project together. Basically we just love the music scene in Portland and want to use our respective skills in documenting it. There are some nice benefits, we meet a lot of cool people and are constantly introduced to new music.

Clemeth Abercrombie has been with the Penny Jam since the beginning but now he lives in Chicago. He still frequently does the mixing and mastering of episode audio from afar.

Max Brown is native Astorian, now an illustrator and graphic designer living in Portland. He illustrated the bus on the top of the page.

Scott Carver produces the podcast and is behind the maintenance of thepennyjam.com. He’s also a cameraman in most of the episodes. During the day he is employed as a web developer for an advertising agency in Portland.

Matt Huiskamp Is an illustrator and badass sound engineer for the Penny Jam. He is in a band with his girlfriend called Bad Side of Holland.

James Jacobsen is the lead sound engineer for The Penny Jam. He is also a freelance sound engineer and proprietor of Dexterous Productions. Originally from Portland, James was the the Music Director at the University of Oregon’s campus radio station, KWVA, until he graduated and moved back to the city in 2006.

Sean Whiteman is the director and editor of The Penny Jam. He is camara A. A longtime filmmaker, Sean recently returned to his native state of Oregon after living in Los Angeles, Ithaca, Austin and Indianapolis. During that time he wrote about a dozen screenplays and directed 3 feature length films with his brother. During the day he works at the Portland Art Museum.

Jon Manning is a web developer and filmmaker who works as a cameraman and editor for the podcast. Originally from upstate New York, he comes to Portland after a stopoff in Salt Lake City. During the day he telecommutes for an advertising agency in SLC.

Joe Mansfield is the official still photographer of The Penny Jam. While we film he shoots vast amounts of photos documenting the performance and the setup involved. His work can be found on our Flickr account and in all of our promotional materials. Joe is an entrepreneur operating a business called Engrave where he does design and custom laser engraving.